Follett’s Historical Novels

 Ken Follett’s early works (  Eye of the Needle, The Man From St Petersburg, The Key to Rebecca) gave him the well deserved reputation as the creator of spy novel “page turners”,a   well-deserved and valid ascription.

Back in 1989( while not abandoning his spy novels), Follett embarked on a course change with his enormously successful  The Pillars of Earth,  centering upon the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. Frankly, it is difficult to discern whether it took longer to write the novel (3.5 years ) or build the cathedral ! The work was then followed by it’s  sequel , World Without End,  which follows the descendants of Pillars through the 100 Years War and the Black Death.

In 2010, he then moves into the 20th century with the commencement of  The Century Trilogy and it’s first  volume,   Fall of Giants .  Here we visit World War I, The Russian Revolution and Woman’s Suffrage.

We are now at volume 2  of the trilogy , Winter of the World. With the major historical themes of World War II, The Spanish Civil War and Cold War. The last of the three works, provisionally titled Edge of Eternity, will be published in 2014

Follett’s books are


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