Blizzard of 2013

Blizzard 2013

It is 12:06 PM and I have just succeeded ( after a hour’s work of snowshoe trekking and shoveling) in opening my front door.  Complete driveway/ car cleanup will take at least two days

This was a 30 hr storm dumping upwards of 3 ft of snow throughout CT. There were times during the night when it was snowing at 5inches/hr with winds in the  50 + mph range. Complete whiteout everywhere.

The good news is that we did not  loose power, especially good news as my generator developed carbeurator problems and would not run. Nothing left to do but eat steak au poive and drink Pinot Noir.

Estimates are that the Blizzard of ’78 topped this one by a tad, but at least current  Governor Molloy preemptively closed th highways, whereas Governor Grasso waited, with disastrous conditions on the highways strewn with abandoned cars.

The meterological condition used to describe the storm was “bombogenisis”( don’t ask ). Hope never to hear the word again



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