Apartheid by Any Name , Thy Name is..

For those interested in Mid East politics, this is a very strong and potentially prescient article.

Sooner or later Israel will be faced with either apartheid or dissolution as a Jewish State . I doubt that Israelies and world Jewry would allow the latter.

The argument will then come forward: How do you grant full citizenship to those who want to destroy the “Jewish State’, even if they are “sort-of citizens?” There might be a sliver of logic in the reality of opportunity. If Palestinians are given fruitful fulfilling lives under a Jewish State, they may forget about intifada and bombings. They may attend schools, mosque and good jobs as willing citizens of Israel. This will, of course, require the Right wing of Israeli politics to abdicate power  Given the mess that Netanyahu and son seem to find themselves in, I that might be sooner than later.


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